Ginseng Sexual Benefits to Treat Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

Welcome To the World of Ginseng

Since the introduction of Viagra by Pfizer pharmaceuticals millions of men who had previously suffered in silence from the embarrassment of impotence have had a chance to redeem themselves especially in matters concerning performance in the bedroom. Viagra, with its million-dollar ad campaigns, ended up being not just a profit maximizing endeavor for the pharmaceutical company concerned but also an almost God sent solution to sex drive, sexual performance and sexual appetite difficulties for many men and women.

As this is a potentially embarrassing situation for many to find themselves in, it is really easy to see why the market potential for such a drug can be underestimated. Furthermore, the psychology combined with the biochemical and physical intricacies involved in the penile erection process is not a simple matter. This explains the complexity of coming up with drugs to treat impotence.

It is the application of the biomechanical process of an erection that is necessary in coming up with a drug to treat impotence. Drugs such as Uprima and Viagra are not without the side effects which inevitably means that they are not for everyone, and thus not a cure for all forms of impotence. Other than having side effects, these forms of medication do suffer from the disadvantage of being highly priced and not 100% efficient. Some of these side effects associated with Viagra include: stomach upsets, intermittent headaches and “flushing” in the facial area; while those associated with Uprima include: blackouts, nausea and vomiting.

It is these negative side effects and disadvantages associated with these manufactured medication that have been fashioned in a lab that help, in one way or another, to emphasize the rewards of more natural forms of treatment for impotence. This and the fact that alternative forms of medicine are usually backed by a longer history of usage and proven results than those provided by modern medicine. One of these forms of alternative medicine that has a rich history of usage in the Orient, more specifically in Korea and China, and one that is less expensive and yet capable of providing the required libido boost, stamina and lessen any consequential fatigue is the herb that is known the world over as Ginseng.

Backed by 5000 years of usage in the Far East this “King of herbs” does not contain medicinal nitrates that are common in manufactured drugs that pose a risk to people suffering from heart problems.

An Inside Look at Ginseng’s Advantages to Sexual Health

This seemingly exaggerated confidence that has found its way from the Orient now has the backing of modern scientific research. At times referred to as “manroot”, it is the roots of the Ginseng plant that provides the extract that contains the beneficial healing ingredients.

Although Korean red ginseng is the one that is more readily recognized as a portent and high-quality variety of ginseng, Chinese, Korean or Asian ginseng often refers to the same plant. There might be a slight variation in the method of cultivation or conditions under which the plant is cultivated as well as the method of processing but not much difference exists in the active ingredients.

Ginseng has, for a long time, been used as a tonic for regulating levels of stress on strengthening the body. An example of ginseng varieties that is in common use today is Panax. Specialists in herbal remedies have, over the years, found a variety of uses for ginseng. Thus, in oriental herbal medicine speak Panax is noted as having a greater potency and stimulating effect or yang, and therefore the best for providing stamina and endurance. On the other hand American ginseng, which is classified as being yin in nature, has a calming effect and therefore best suited for those engaged in high stress activities.

Ginsenosides are the active chemical ingredients that give ginseng’s pro-sexual properties. The ability to influence penile erection is supported by scientific evidence. In more technical terms these ginsenosides have the effect of inducing vasodilation and influencing the penile corpus cavernosum to relax which is what brings about penile erection. Ginseng has also been shown to play a part in the stimulation and the release of nitric oxide from the perivascular nerves and endothelial cells.

Laboratory studies of Korean red ginseng’s (KRG) effect on animals have provided compelling evidence of its penile erection capabilities. This has been backed up by trials of Korean red ginseng on men who suffer from impotence and has produced positive results. This has been backed up by controlled experiments involving placebo effect testing. The results showed that KRG’s pro-sexual reputation is not just hype and lives up to its purported performance. In short, KRG has a performance level comparable to that of Viagra in addition to satisfactory results as far as sexual appetite and performance are concerned not to mention the enhanced level of endurance.

How One Can Tell If They Need Ginseng

Male impotence or erectile dysfunction is a major indicator that treatment is required and thus the need for Ginseng. Noticeable improvements to erectile dysfunction include more easily attained erections that are firm and longer-lasting than when Ginseng is not used.

Studies also show that certain herbs used in combination with ginseng can be used in the treatment of premature ejaculation which may require topical application of the medication in the form of a cream on male genitals.

Safety Measures to Observe In the Usage of Ginseng

As this is an herbal medicine, some of the information available may have been documented from results that have no firm scientific backing or evidence. Care should therefore be applied in the consumption of both supplements and extracts as these will generally not be regulated by the relevant authorities. Seek a second opinion and do not just accept what might well turn out to be marketing fads whose sole purpose is to sell the product as opposed to looking after your well being as a patient.

Other Benefits Attributable To Ginseng

As mentioned above, ginseng possesses the power to enhance penile erectile capabilities as well as play a significant role in the treatment of impotence. A further advantage is the aspect of its price. Products manufactured by pharmaceutical companies are not usually within reach for most who would like to reap the benefits of such drugs.
For centuries, Panax ginseng has played a major role in Traditional Chinese Medicine especially in helping vulnerable groups of people cope and better respond to mental as well as physical stress. All this, while still retaining its arousing power of the male sexual appetite.

Where to Get Some Ginseng

Just like most other supplements or plant extracts, Ginseng is better used in one’s hormone replacement therapy after consulting your doctor or a specialist in alternative or herbal medicine to avoid any adverse effects that may creep up on you later.

Extracts from different varieties of Ginseng are available over the counter at pharmacists who would ordinarily be authorized to sell herbal medicine or herbalist stores. The price, as can be expected, is much lower than drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and yet herbal medicines are less likely to cause nasty reactions with your body or with other medication that one may be taking.

That said, disclose to your physician or herbal specialist any preexisting conditions such as allergies and current medication that you might be on just to be on the safe side and so as to preempt any unforeseen consequences.

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