Natural Testosterone Booster Zinc

There are different types of Testosterone Boosters-some are synthetic in nature and some are natural. Natural Testosterone Boosters are considered to be safer and are free from side-effects generally associated with steroidal testosterone supplements. Certain Testosterone Boosters are considered very potent since they directly raise the testosterone levels. This includes powerful herbs like Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris and minerals like zinc and magnesium. Please note that magnesium and zinc are counted among the micronutrients essential for ensuring proper execution of various metabolic processes in the body. The body might not suffer from very visible illnesses or symptoms when there is a zinc deficiency. However, the individual is likely to develop internal conditions that can eventually compromise the overall reproductive/sexual health.

Why is Zinc an Effective Natural Testosterone Booster?
Zinc is considered a natural and effective Testosterone Booster because it helps to sustain and increase the level of natural testosterone. Zinc is among the trace minerals required for preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Small amounts of testosterone are continuously converted into estrogen. Now, estrogen is essentially a female reproductive hormone but it is required is scant concentrations for optimal male health too. Excessive estrogen in the male body compromises metabolic and reproductive wellness.

Zinc limits this conversion by moderating the estrogen conversion. This is done by inactivating the enzyme aromatase that is responsible for this conversion. Without the enzymatic action, testosterone that is supposed to be converted into estrogen is saved, thereby raising the overall hormonal concentration of testosterone.

Zinc is also known to support the emergency conversion of estrogen into testosterone that is sometimes done by the male body when testosterone levels dip beyond a basic level. Zinc is also required for the overall health of the sperm and for maintaining a high sperm count.

Zinc is required for the proper stimulation of the pituitary gland. This stimulation is required for Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone being released from the pituitary gland. These two hormones are responsible for stimulating natural, testosterone production.

More Proof to Zinc-Testosterone Booster Relationship
Research from authoritative sources like the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has concluded that male individuals with higher levels of zinc tend to have better semen volumes, increased sperm motility and higher serum testosterone concentration.

Zinc is also the reason behind the correlation between obese people and their relatively higher chances of being infertile. The adipose tissue cells contain aromatase. With higher amounts of this enzyme more estrogen is produced in the body. Zinc levels can only limit a certain amount of aromatase enzyme. With rising concentrations of aromatase, the estrogen levels rise and that of testosterone fall. This is why more and more health practitioners vouch for being healthy and having a low-fat body make-up to support fertility.

Zinc deficiency is known to fasten the gradual weakening of the male prostate gland. Deficiency of zinc makes the prostate more vulnerable to infections which eventually lead to hypertrophy of the prostate gland. This condition is called prostatic hypertrophy and is among one of the established causes of lowered testosterone volumes.

Zinc is required for upkeep of the human immune system. Zinc is required for the synthesis of the Thymic hormone. This hormone is at the core of controlling the maturation of lymphocytes that constitute the body’s main defensive system against infections.

Getting Sufficient Zinc
Some foods have high concentrations of Zinc. This includes oysters that are often referred to as a natural aphrodisiac apart from some other animal products like liver and seafood. Among vegetarian options, poultry, seeds and nuts provide sufficient amount of zinc. Alcohol intake should be limited to increase the zinc intake. High levels of alcohol tend to lower zinc absorption and stimulate estrogen formation. However, all people don’t have access to zinc-rich foods. Secondly, zinc is prone to being wasted during manufacturing processes. Thus, zinc supplements are recommended. These are suited to people suffering from lowered immunity, chronic illnesses and particularly men, suffering from low testosterone levels.

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