Natural Testosterone Boosters

Men and women suffering from low testosterone symptoms should be acquainted with treatment options offered by non-conventional or alternative remedies in this niche. This is essentially because some of the hormone treatment therapies recommended for treating low testosterone symptoms often induce side-effects and need careful monitoring that can make the medication regimen demanding. These alternative remedies are often referred to as natural testosterone boosters. This is because they don’t have a symptomatic effect like the drugs or hormone therapies recommended for treating low testosterone symptoms, i.e. they help in raising the overall testosterone levels along with alleviating the related symptoms but they cannot treat the underlying cause of low testosterone.

Common Herbal Combinations used as Natural Testosterone Boosters

Some of the herbal extracts used in ancient Chinese medicine or ECM and the Indian stream of Ayurveda have become universally popular for their curative effects. One such herbal combination that can increase testosterone production over a period is the blend of ginseng and Tongkat Ali 120 CapsHerbal Supplements).

Ginseng contains nitric oxide that is among the most potent of natural remedies that help to increase flow of blood across the body, including the penile tissue. It is generally regarded as a metabolic toner that helps to decrease the effect of toxins or anti-oxidants that might be inducing low testosterone symptoms. Ginseng is easily available in the form of tinctures and herbal teas. Tongkat Ali is aimed at strengthening the inherent immune system of the individual, particularly against anti-oxidants and free radicals that are known to weaken the body, making it more prone to internal infections. When combined with ginseng, a potent concoction is formed that alleviates low testosterone symptoms, raises libido levels, along with inducing an overall sense of increased wellness.

Unique, Potent Herbs used as Natural Testosterone Boosters:

1. Catuaba Bark 465mg – 100 – CapsuleVitamins & Supplements)

This is among the most effective of female and male testosterone enhancers. Extracted from a traditional plant found only in the Amazonian rainforests, this herb is known to contain alkaloids like catuabine B and C along with many tannins and aromatic oils that have a therapeutic effect. Enriched with phytosterols that aid the immune system of the individual, Catuaba is available at online stores and dedicated health stores.

2. Mucuna Pruriens 350 mg 200 CapsHerbal Supplements)

Mucuna is among the rare natural testosterone boosters that act via a dopamine-enhancing action. Actually, it contains a compound that stimulates dopamine secretion. This helps to elevate the sperm count and low testosterone levels apart from addressing issues such as anxiety and stress. Mucuna has established itself as a potent libido enhancer, helping to resolve sexual disorientation that is among the primary symptoms of low testosterone in men.

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