Testosterone (CHP) Cyclohexylpropionate

Testosterone Supplements are commonly used by men and women who are seeking to raise their testosterone levels to alleviate symptoms like loss of muscle mass, faster aging, hormonal imbalance, poor libido or decreased bone density. Testosterone CHP is among the many types of testosterone steroidal supplements that are usually sought by men seeking to significantly raise their gym or power-training performance.

Why is Testosterone CHP popular?

Often prescribed to men suffering from sexual problems due to low testosterone, Testosterone CHP is among the more established forms of testosterone supplementation. The chemical formulation of Testosterone CHP consists of a longer carbon chain which means that this ester compound can survive in the bloodstream for a longer period. This translates into doses of Testosterone CHP being repeated at longer intervals since most of the administered compound is absorbed. The presence of a longer, more complex ester chain also means that testosterone sourced via this supplement is released slowly through the body. This form of control release helps to neutralize the side-effects of testosterone supplementation and helps to counter chances of testosterone being metabolized or broken down at the cellular level. Testosterone CHP is one of the few hormone supplements that have an active life as long as 13 days.

Typical Uses of Testosterone CHP

Like most other testosterone supplementation preparations, Testosterone CHP is typically recommended to men seeking to increase their muscle mass, libido levels and overall strength. Testosterone CHP is not meant for sculpting the body since its usage translates into more mass gain and water retention. This is because higher levels of testosterone lead to increased aromatization of estrogen. More estrogen in the body leads to greater water retention. Testosterone CHP is regarded quite effective and can help in mimicking the physical and mental health effects of Testosterone. It helps in retaining the muscle tone, increases metabolic rate that assists fat loss and increases the overall sexual drive and bone density. It also has a slight immunity-boosting effect and helps to guard the body against common diseases/infections. Testosterone CHP also increases nitrogen retention that is helpful for developing lean muscle mass.

More Advantages of Testosterone CHP

Regular usage of Testosterone CHP helps to protect against muscle loss due to catabolic/muscle-wasting processes in the body and the action of glucocorticoid hormones. Testosterone CHP aids the overall health of the muscle fibers, helping them contract better and aids better neuromuscular transmission. Testosterone CHP is capable of raising the glycogen synthesis in the body which means more energy being sourced from the body for intense workouts that is required during endurance exercises.

Testosterone CHP Risks

Testosterone CHP is also capable of causing some side effects, particularly excessive muscle mass gain around the chest area that is referred to as gynecomastia among men. Over an extended period, the mass gains made through Testosterone CHP can convert into fat. The most common side-effect of Testosterone CHP remains an unwanted increase in blood pressure that makes it a risky proposition for people with a history of cardiac illnesses. Testosterone-CHP poses one significant risk that is not seen among all users of this supplement. Testosterone CHP can fast-track the release of 5 alpha-reductase enzyme which is the main catalyzing factor for conversion of free testosterone into DHT (Di-hydro-testosterone). DHT is known to cause hair loss among men, giving rise to a typical kind of hair thinning that is found in men, i.e. arising from male pattern baldness.

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