Using Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone is the most vital of male sex hormones (androgens). Nearly every masculine trait in a male and his sexual and overall health is largely dependent upon the amount of Testosterone. However, Testosterone levels can dip with increasing age or due to metabolic or hormonal diseases. The most typical of male problems like loss of lean muscle, receding hair line and increasing weight due to lowered metabolic rate are largely due to the decreasing levels of Testosterone. It for this reason that using Testosterone Supplements is recommended. Testosterone Supplements are ideally suited for people seeking simple and effective cures for resolving their sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

There are various types of testosterone supplementation and each of these differs in the type and intensity of hormonal supplementation. The most common types of Testosterone Supplements available in the over-the-counter format include:

  • Aqueous Testosterone — this is regarded as the fastest acting of Testosterone Supplements. The response time is highest for this kind of supplementation and the testosterone levels in the bloodstream are raised within hours of injecting the solution. Here, the compound in injected directly into the bloodstream.
  • Testosterone Cypionate — this is another injectable but rather slow acting form of Testosterone Supplements. The response time is rather slow, i.e. it takes more than a week for the supplementation to take effect. This kind of supplementation is commonly recommended for men suffering from the initial phase of testosterone deficiency. Another similar compound is Testosterone Enanthate. Some pharmacy brands have also introduced tablets combining these two types of testosterone supplementary compounds.
  • Testosterone Propionate — this is among the most reactive of Testosterone Supplements available in the market. It has a response time of less than four days and needs minimal repeated dosing. However, it is not easily available without a proper medical prescription.

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