Welcome To the World of Tribulus Terrestris

This noxious weed found growing all over the United States of America, sometimes referred to as “puncture vine”, also has its benefits. Tribulus Terrestris has been used over the years to produce supplements extracted from different components of the plant. These supplements play a role in enhancing the health and fitness of the human body.

Those in the health and fitness industry claim that Tribulus Terrestris contributes to muscle building just like many other supplements found in health and fitness stores. There are also claims that Tribulus Terrestris can improve sexual performance in addition to muscle mass. Further claims state that Tribulus Terrestris helps in the treatment of high blood pressure, cancer and illnesses related to the kidney.

Tribulus Terrestris had been used in India and China for many years before its properties and significance became known in North America around the mid-1990s. There are two types of active compounds within Tribulus Terrestris. These two active compounds are collectively known as steroidal saponins and are mainly concentrated in the leaves.

Safety Measures to Keep In Mind

  • Those suffering from prostate cancer or breast cancer should avoid the use of Tribulus Terrestris and supplements containing extracts from the same. This is also true of sufferers of hormone dependent conditions;
  • Tribulus Terrestris is neither recommended for lactating mothers nor pregnant women;
  • There has been a reported case of adverse effects associated with feeding Tribulus Terrestris extracts to sheep;

How to Get a Supply of Tribulus Terrestris

A number of brands do exist that have been manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies which contain varying levels and percentages of active ingredients extracted from Tribulus Terrestris. These can be obtained at your local pharmacist. As these products are not regulated, one should endeavor to read the package so as to ensure that what one is buying is what is recommended for their particular circumstance.

Of What Use Would Tribulus Terrestris Be To My Body?

Research has shown that there are certain infections that can be corrected or treated by the use of extracts obtained from Tribulus Terrestris. Different parts of the plant produce extracts that are used for different purposes. A popular use for extracts obtained from Tribulus Terrestris is its use in the treatment of infections of the urinary tract. Fungal and bacterial infections can also be combated by the use of extracts obtained from the roots, fruits and leaves.

Both women and men have been known to benefit from the sexual appetite enhancing properties of supplements obtained from Tribulus Terrestris; that is, in addition to having aphrodisiac capabilities, it can also help solve problems of impotence.

Though the scientific evidence to support the vast claims of medicinal properties is scanty, there are a number of other ailments that Tribulus Terrestris he said to treat. Among these are some forms of cancer, kidney stones, blood pressure and even gonorrhea.

Just like in other areas, in the world of athletics and sports in general there are claims that Tribulus Terrestris can contribute to an improvement in the body’s cells and tissue absorption of energy and protein from the food that is ingested.

Still, in the world of athletics, it is claimed that, unlike steroids, athletes can build their muscles using Tribulus Terrestris and avoid the dangers associated with synthetic hormones. The assertions state that Tribulus Terrestris contains chemicals which boost the production of testosterone in the body and promotes the growth of muscles in a more effective and safe process that avoids the negative side effects associated with synthetic supplements.

Assertions as to the body building capabilities of Tribulus Terrestris have led to extensive use as a natural substitute for artificial steroids. Extracts of this plant are said improve male muscular performance, build body mass as well as muscle mass and enhance the muscular composition and toning.

It has also been claimed that Tribulus Terrestris supplements can be taken after bodybuilding sessions to restore the natural levels of testosterone production in the body. This has been derived from the belief that Tribulus Terrestris supplements facilitate the body’s natural testosterone production levels when taken as a dietary supplement.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Tribulus Terrestris?

Known side effects of using Tribulus Terrestris can be listed thus:

  1. Since Tribulus Terrestris has the potential of increasing levels of testosterone in the body the danger therefore arises of heightened chance of abnormal hair growth, and enlarged prostate;
  2. The idea that not much research has been carried out on this plant species the danger therefore arises of navigating through a maze of theories and myths;
  3. Believing in all the stated assertions about the medicinal capabilities of this seemingly wonderful plant may lead one to consume Tribulus Terrestris as it occurs in nature. Most of these assertions relate to prepared extracts of the plant that have been transformed into the actual supplements. Blindly consuming the actual weed may present untold suffering as it irritates the throat or even puncture it, not to mention the possibility of puncturing the lungs;
  4. The absence of regulation by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, of the United States means that it lacks a source of credible records of benefits as well as side effects;
  5. When searching for the best Tribulus Terrestris supplements to suit your needs read the labels of the different brands available to confirm that the level or percentage of active ingredient matches your requirements and that the same will not react negatively with any medication that you might be taking;
  6. There has been reported cases of stomach upsets and bowl irritation by some users;
  7. There has also been a few claims of unnatural growth of breasts in male athletes and bodybuilders;


To Whom Is Tribulus Terrestris Most Beneficial?

As Tribulus Terrestris facilitates the synthesis of luteinizing hormone (LH), which plays a major role in testosterone production in the pituitary glands, a number of other benefits emanate from this property as well as its ability to stimulate blood supply to the penile tissues.

Supplements formulated from this plant will therefore find a ready acceptance among people whose bodies do not produce the relevant hormones naturally. Such include erectile dysfunction, low libido as well as infertility. Athletes and other sports enthusiasts have been known to improve their performance by way of Tribulus Terrestris supplement intake.

Recorded Developments in the Study of Tribulus Terrestris

In the 1970s, the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, developed Tribestan© from extracts obtained from Tribulus Terrestris, this was after 16 years of research. The scientists also managed to come up with a tablet form of the same which was later approved for introduction into the market in 1985. Records obtained from the research carried out state that Tribestan exhibited no side effects or toxicity of any nature. It has come to be classified as non-hormonal and natural, herbal extract that contains the relevant active ingredients.

Tribestan has been used extensively by bodybuilders and athletes from Russia and Bulgaria with no recorded adverse side effects. Its popularity has grown and is now commonly used as a dietary supplement by many in the sports arena.

Added to these facts, confidence in the use of Tribestan has grown due to the absence of adverse effects on blood circulation, cardiovascular system as well as the Central Nervous System.

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