Types of Ginseng and Benefits for Libido

An Overview of Ginseng: Introduction and Origins

Due to the embarrassing nature of erectile dysfunction, the number of men who suffer from this and other male impotence related symptoms can never really be accurately stated, it is not surprising then, that medication such as Viagra have been a hit as far as the treatment of male impotence is concerned.

To give credit where it is dew, Ginkgo biloba herb helps facilitate and stimulate blood circulation to the penile tissue; Tribulus terrestris plays the role of stimulating and enhancing male libido as well as adding strength to erections. On the other hand, ginseng, which is found in a number of herbal varieties, provides those who suffer from erectile dysfunction and other related symptoms an almost guaranteed remedy that is backed by thousands of years of usage.

Korean ginseng, including other ginseng varieties, has made its mark in the market for herbal remedies used in the treatment of sexual performance related maladies. Ginseng is an herb that has for years been used in Asia and other Far Eastern or Oriental countries to enhance libido and the ability to copulate. Also known as “King of herbs” ginseng now has the endorsements of scientific research which bears evidence of its capabilities. These capabilities combined with the absence of side effects that are associated with manufactured drugs and its low-cost has over the years given it an edge and white acceptance among those who seek its benefits.

Relationship of Ginseng to Male Testosterone

The Chinese have used ginseng for over 5,000 years not just to revitalize and energize men whose sexual performance was wanting but also as a tonic that assists in the stimulation of the mind especially one that is suffering from mental and physical disorder.

Ginseng’s ability to strengthen the body and enhance sexuality and fertility has gained popularity all over the world since modern scientific research has shown that there is a relationship between the circulation of testosterone in the body and the role played by the active ingredients that are extracted from ginseng.

More than just the ability to boost and offer treatment for libido deficiencies, ginseng has been classified as an adaptogen after having displayed the ability to reward its users with the power to cope with and adapt to factors that would generally lead to mental and/or physical stress. This includes the ability to cope with the negative effects that are brought about by stressful situations and environments.

Different Varieties of Ginseng and Benefits for Men Testosterone

American ginseng has over the years gained popularity and admiration for its ability to lessen the effects of stress on the body, treat bouts of fatigue and as an overall remedy for lost vitality and energy. Furthermore, research is ongoing into its various healing capabilities, including:

  • Treating of the symptoms of ADHD, or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, in children boosting the immune system
  • Helping in the stabilization of glucose in those suffering from diabetes
  • Treatment of male impotence
  • Countering of memory related disorders

Chinese Ginseng is a variety of ginseng that has been in use as an herbal medicine for many centuries where it has been adopted for the treatment of ailments such as fluctuating blood pressure, weakening sexual desire, sexual appetite and sexual stamina both in men and women, precarious blood sugar conditions as well as rejuvenation of failing general bodily health and energy. Different parts of the herb have over the years been extracted and tested for their therapeutic benefits to the extent of knowing what, where and when to apply the active ingredients and make the best of its curative properties.

The Korean Ginseng Variety of this herb is said to have the most potent or stimulating active ingredients, or ginsenosides, known as Rg1, which are highly concentrated in this variety in comparison to the others. These ginsenosides are the ones that stimulate and arouse the body in situations where one suffers from aging related disorders or low immunity and resistance to ailments. Korean Ginseng is advisable for situations of convalescence, general weakness or tiredness and for the improvement of response to stressful situations by stimulating the pituitary glands as well as the adrenal glands. On its own as well as in combination with other herbal medication Korean ginseng has been shown to aid in the maximization of efficiency and productivity of individuals be they involved in sports activities or other mental or physical work. One’s intellectual performance shows a marked positive progression as well as an improvement in concentration after using ginseng.

Lepidium meyenii, or Maca, is yet another form of ginseng that is also referred to as Peruvian Ginseng. For some reason Maca is not seen as falling into the class of ginseng herbs due to what might be described as its historical use as a folk remedy. It serves, however, as a remedy for falling levels of body energy, waning stamina and deteriorating sexual functions. It has proved to be of benefit in some classical ginseng roles such as the treatment of fertility and erectile dysfunction including use as an aphrodisiac. Peruvian Ginseng can be taken as a supplement that comes in the form of a pill or powder form as well as an extract that is in a liquid form.

Another type of ginseng that is worth mentioning is Siberian Ginseng which has also been found to be of great value in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The list of ailments and disorders that this form of ginseng has been found to provide a treatment for may seem exaggerated but quite a convincing record of scientific studies exists. The list includes:

  • It improves cognitive abilities including concentration
  • Stimulates physical and mental energy and vitality
  • Boosts the body’s immune system helping in the resistance of viral infections
  • Can help resist environmental toxins
  • Used to prevent respiratory as well as bronchial infections
  • Improves blood circulation especially to the brain if this may not be optimal
  • Offers prevention and treatment during periods of depression and nervous breakdown
  • Boosts the health of the nervous as well as the cardiovascular systems
  • Helps resist stress or in coping with stressful environments
  • Used in the treatment of heart as well as rheumatic disease

Best Ginseng Variety to Suit Your Needs

As with all forms of medication, it is wise to consult your physician before you get yourself started on to any herbal medication. Ginseng has a proven record of benefits and treatment properties for a wide range of ailments but, this is not to say that there are no side effects that could occur if no precautions are observed as concerns the variety one uses and the dosage one consumes.

As stated above, ginseng can be found in many forms and thus, is also processed in different ways. This, and the fact that herbal medicines as well as the alternative medicine industry are not regulated in most parts of the globe, one needs specialist advice before committing to any particular remedy or plant extract. An assessment of one’s condition, including medical history and current medication being taken, should help a medical doctor, pharmacist or herbal expert to determine the most appropriate therapy to take up.

How to Get Yourself Some Ginseng

The more known laboratory manufactured drugs, such as Viagra and Cialis, are expensive and have well documented side effects. These need consultation and a prescription despite the opinion many sufferers of erectile difficulties that their condition automatically warrants its use. Consultation is needed to assess their suitability to ones needs. This is in contrast to Ginseng and most herbal medicines as these are naturally occurring and usually have no added ingredients that may interfere with other medication or with normal body functions or chemical balance.

After receiving expert advice, one can acquire ginseng from a reputable herbal medical pharmacy as may be recommended by an herbal specialist or from the world’s biggest shopping arcade which is the internet. With online shopping being what it is today, there are recognized international brand names and pharmaceutical products that one can trust or one could also seek recommendations from those who have purchased similar products in the past.

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